Affordable Individual Health Insurance, Family Medical Insurance, Group Health Insurance For Small Businesses and Large Group Employee Benefits:

Very few of us can afford the financial consequences of a major sickness or accident without the benefit of affordable health insurance coverage. With the passage of health care reform also know as the Affordable Care Act (ACA), everyone can now have health insurance:

  • You can no longer be turned down due to a pre-existing medical condition.
  • Anyone, with permanent resident status, can now buy health insurance and have access to health care.
  • What you pay is based on where you live, your age and annual household income.

Would you like to explore all your affordable health insurance options for individuals and families? Clarify Insurance will help you select the most affordable PPO, HSA or HMO plans from leading carriers. Since many of our clients are eligible for premium subsidies, we can help you navigate the Covered California health exchange and enroll you in the best plan according to your circumstances. Of course, whether you let Clarify Insurance help you or you decide to do all the legwork on your own there is never an added cost to you and you cannot find cheaper health insurance coverage anywhere else.

Are you between jobs and perhaps have a pre-existing medical condition?  A COBRA health insurance plan might be the needed safety net until you can join another group plan. If you are relatively healthy, you could explore affordable COBRA alternatives even if you became eligible for the recently enacted COBRA subsidy program.  Nine months after joining a COBRA subsidy program, you can revisit whether an individual health insurance plan is more cost effective. Talk to one of Clarify’s licensed agents to explore all your affordable health insurance options and start saving on your health insurance premiums today.

An HSA eligible health insurance plan will help you pay for qualified medical expenses with pre-tax dollars while saving on monthly health insurance premiums with a high deductible plan.

If you are already 65 or getting ready to sign up for Medicare coverage then you can explore Medigap options from reputable health insurance carriers to fill the gaps in traditional Medicare coverage.  Clarify Insurance can help you select a Medicare Supplement Plan and Medicare prescription drug plan (Medicare Part D)  that makes the most sense for you and your budget. Find out how affordable Medicare Supplement Insurance can be.

Are you a small business with 2-50 employees? Most small groups are always looking at ways to optimize employee benefits and experience savings to the bottom line. Clarify Insurance specializes in helping small businesses analyze current group health insurance coverage and employee benefits to optimize costs or set up small business health insurance and employee benefits optimized for great savings. Whether you are interested in lowering your Small Business Group Health Insurance costs or setting up new employee benefits and small business group health insurance plans, you can submit a Small Business Health Insurance Request for Proposal. There is no cost or obligation to you. A Small Business Advisor will contact you to discuss recommendations best suited to your requirements from leading carriers and employee benefits solutions.

For companies with 51 or more employees, Clarify Insurance can help enhance your current group health insurance and employee benefits for greater savings. Our roots in management consulting helps our clients save on employee benefits by carefully balancing the multitude of tradeoffs available to companies with more then 51 employees. Request your no obligation Employee Benefits proposal and explore ways to enhance your employee benefits and bring savings to the company's bottom line.